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TiBR Pro: an advanced PalmDoc e-book reader

Limited Time Special Offer from AbsoluteWord and inDev Software!

TiBR e-book readerAny registered user of AbsoluteWord dictionaries can now purchase TiBR Pro e-book reader at a 50% discount!

TiBR Pro is an advanced e-book reader with extensive functionality and additional text formats support.
RoadLingua dictionary can be invoked from any e-book opened in TiBR Pro with a single stylus tap. Just select a word and RoadLingua popup window will appear.

Download TiBR Pro e-book reader

TiBR Pro Initial Setup

Go to Menu / Options / Translation and choose RoadLingua as a dictionary. Set the options how to call translation popup. Now being in a text make long tap (or other action you choose) on the word and you'll get instant translation.

Why choose TiBR Pro?

  • Memory card browser (supports document export/import, move, rename etc.)
  • Three formats supported (PalmDoc, zTXT and plain text)
  • VFS support (can read books directly from the memory card)
  • Bookmarks support
  • Text search and copy support
  • AbsoluteWord's RoadLingua dictionaries support
  • User profiles
  • Adjustable tool and title bar
  • Adjustable hardware buttons
  • Adjustable document colors
  • Adjustable document locations
  • Three scrolling types (buttons, screen drag, screen tap)
  • Three auto-scrolling modes (smooth, by line and RTA-like)
  • Document categories
  • External program launchers support (can be assigned as PalmDoc viewer)
  • Screen rotation (90, 180 and 270 degrees)
  • Text Hyphenation
  • Text formatting (margins, alignment, line spacing)

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